Chick-fil-A partners with Otter to succeed in delivery.

1 Franchisee. 1 Location. $22,000 increase in weekly revenue from online orders.


As online-orders increased rapidly due to shelter at home orders surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurant professionals were tasked with finding new ways to connect their food with their customers at an accelerated rate.

Stephen Wawryk of Chick-fil-A partnered with Otter to increase monthly delivery sales while increasing efficiency & uptime. 

Using Otter’s Order Manager, this Chick-fil-A location saw an increase in order fulfillment, monthly sales, uptime availability, and an impressive ROI. 

Read on to learn how Chick-fil-A at 7th & Fig is succeeding in delivery with Otter’s Order Manager.


“Pre-COVID, delivery was around 15% of our business. Today, online-orders make up about 50% of our business – a massive shift. The toughest part about transitioning from mostly in-store orders to mostly delivery orders was finding ways to help our Team Members keep up with so many orders per day.”

Stephen knew he needed to find a way to make delivery order fulfillment more efficient for his team. He came across Otter on LinkedIn, and requested a demo. An Account Executive followed up with information and support to get Stephen’s Chick-fil-A franchise up and running on Otter.


Hyper-focused on keeping employees and customers happy, Stephen signed up for Otter's Order Manager to reduce stress on his team, fulfill online orders efficiently, and grow Chick-fil-A at 7th & Fig’s delivery business.

How Otter's auto-accept feature reduced stress on Chick-fil-A team members

Stephen immediately began seeing how Otter's auto-accept made keeping up with online orders stress-free. His team members agreed, “The most useful thing is being able to accept and see the order as well as the name of the driver immediately. When we were using solely our kitchen production system, keeping up with every order was difficult. If the order didn’t populate automatically to our kitchen production system, we were forced to blindly guess what was going on. This is so much easier than looking up each order on the kitchen production system.” - General Manager, Anna C.

How Otter's management and optimization features helped Chick-fil-A succeed in delivery

From an analytics and growth perspective, Stephen uses key features of Otter’s Order Manager like unified delivery data, and performance tracking + reports, “I love it! Now I can export one report with everything and send it to my owner. I used to have to go into each platform and pull the data myself.”


  • $95,284 increase in monthly sales
  • 1,270X revenue ROI
  • 99% order fulfillment
  • Increased uptime to 90.60%

Start succeeding in delivery with Otter today.

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